7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a T-shirt From Espoca

Espoca is a Bulgarian Streetwear Man T-shirt brand established in Varna city.

Why Espoca? Our goal is to make attractive t-shirts using premium materials with message which brings value. We know a tee has to make you look great and feel confident.



Except an attention-grabbing design a tee has to be durable and to resist many washing cycles in the future. We use 100% cotton which is a superb quality with extra soft touch feeling. Specifications – ringspun combed cotton, single jersey – 180 g/m2. To compare – most of the products on the market are between 120 and 150 g/m2 which is a low quality and you can see even material is transparent.

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What makes Espoca tees different from others? All of them are good looking but most important is the idea behind the brand. The core value is the belief that people are powerful to create their own story in direction they like and deserve. No matter if it’s professional or personal motivation. Action, focus and persistence will bring success.

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We believe that first you have to give before you receive. ESPOCA takes all the risk – if a purchased tee doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, you can send it back in 30 days without any questions and we will give your money back.



Screen printing is the technique used for all the Espoca tees. This is the most resistant method in the apparel industry. The ink goes straight to the material which increase the life of the T-shirt. You don’t have to worry anymore the print will be cracked or faded how it usually happens with DTG(Digital / Direct To Garment) printing and stamps. We use water based inks which are eco-friendly, more expensive and with much better quality than plastisol ones. The benefits – softer touch and longer life of the print.



Have you experienced to use for the first time your new tee and to feel discomfort from the irritating inside paper label and panic to look for scissors to eliminate it? We thought about that – you won’t find any labels on Espoca products … all the information you need is printed on the inside upper part of the T-shirt.



Except we make amazing short sleeve tees with passion and love which you deserve to have, we are very funny and pleasant people. You can ask everything at any time and we will be happy to assist and try our very best to provide excellent service.



Espoca is a Premium Street wear Men T-shirt brand with touch of Activewear representing the Urban Casual Lifestyle or simply it’s made for people with good taste who like to enjoy.

If you actively perform your passion every day, our T-shirts are your best fit.

Who tried once ESPOCA, stay loyal forever.

Your happiness is our everything.


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