Fabric Material Structure Characteristics

What we need to know when we choose a T-shirt

Many clothes are made of 100% cotton but it doesn’t mean they have the same quality. Fabrics have different characteristics and knowing some of them can help us choosing a quality product. The most important ones are three – structure, weight, knitting. Depends of the clothes, materials can be different but we are goint to analyse shortly a t-shirt cotton.

Usually on most of the labels is written 100% cotton but this is not enough to understand in details what characteristics the material has. Actually it can’t be 100% because in this condition textile doesn’t have any elasticity / tensibility. This is the reason cotton is mixed with “elastane” which can be in different quantity – 2%, 5%, 10%. Espoca tees have 5%.

One of the important things is the weight and it can vary – from 80 g/m2 till 220 g/m2 for example. Fewer the density respectively more transparent and worse the material quality. On the market we can find mostly tees with weight between 120 – 150 g/m2. Espoca T-shirts are made with 180g/m2 combed cotton which makes them more durable and put them in premium class.

The next important characteristic is the structure of the cotton or the fibres which the fabric is made of – it can be open-end, ringspun or combed ring spun. Open end is the lowest quality and combed ringspun is the best quality cotton. The technology for producing combed ring spun cotton is expensive but the fibres are more durable and soft. Espoca tees are made from high quality combed ringspun cotton.

Next is the knitting – usually the T-shirt material is two kinds – single jersey or interlock stitch. Single jersey is finer with less space between fibres which makes it tick and conductive for better stamp/print. Of course Espoca T-shirts are manufactured with single jersey fabric. The quality of our products is the same like some of the most famos brands in the world. The difference is that an Espoca tee is much cheeper.

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